Advertising Tips

A range of popular Kiwi/New Zealand Ads. Some of which are apart of kiwiana.

Oh my gosh! The L&P “World famous in New Zealand” was a campaign I wrote way back when I was with Saatchi & Saatchi NZ. Now I see it again, I reckon it stands the test of time. Classic. Kiwi as bro. – Andy Lish

Put together by Thejoshman7, links for ads below

1. Toyota Corolla: lost keys. This ad was released around 2007 and i think has won the the Fair Go NZ ads competition a couple of times.

2. What makes Kiwis, Kiwis: Marmite. Thee best MArmite ad ever. A classic Kiwi ad aimed and making fun of the Auzzies. Released around 2008.

3. Screw the examinator! / Instant Kiwi ad. Awesome ad !!! What more can i say. It was filmed in 1990 in the MAGS hall.

4.Toyota Hilux Commercial. Was only on for a short time as i think people companied about the term ‘sheep shaggier’. Fist aired around 2006.

A 10 Minute Compilation of Funny NZ(New Zealand) Police Ads/Commercial 2014

A 12 Minute Compilation of Funny NZ(New Zealand) Ads/Commercial 2014.